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LED Panel Light

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LED High Bay Light

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You Have Contacted Many Manufacturers, However…

  • Too many lies, unreliable suppliers.
  • Low quality, unreliable warranty.
  • Samples satisfactory, but goods defective.
  • Unskilled staff and inadequate support.
  • Overly charged products.
LED Lighting

Lightinstar Makes All of These Easier for You

LED Lighting manufacturer

FREE Third Party Inspection

We hire 3rd party inspection company to check our product quality and quantity during the production, and offer customer the reports from 3rd party laboratory before shipment, which could have costed you hundreds of US dollars, but we make this FREE for you.

Elite Staff Team

Staff are the foundation of a great company, and are of the utmost importance in our eyes. Therefore, all of our staff are well-trained smart people, and of course work better and are paid better than most of manufacturers in this industry.

LED Lighting manufacturer

Affordable LED Lighting with 3-5 Year Warranty

Lightinstar promises 3-5 year warranty for every LED lamp bought from us. Lightinstar is 100% responsible for its words. Real quality parts are used in our lamps, which last much long than common LED lighting fixture made in China.

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